App:Surface Design

Surface Design is a rich and easy to use source of inspiration for all designers working with design for both fashion and interior design on textiles and other materials. The designs are mainly made for printing but adaptable to a wide range of technics.

 The App is a library with Design Catalogues issued as e-books, each of them with a theme interpreted by the author.

The fascination of repeating graphic elements in various patterns and the passion for colors is my motivation for editing this material.

Having downloaded the App:Surface Design, you get access to the library, some of the editions are free. 

Get started and share my rich world of shape and color.


Inspiration for Textiles, print and weaving technics.- Wallpaper- Wrapping and package design- Fashion design- Graphic design- Jewelry- Knitting and needlework- Pottery and ceramics- Quilt patterns- Rugs and carpets etc.

App & e-books


Trends til tiden er vigtigt, men vigtigere er at de tilpasses det produkt, som de sættes i relation til. Med udgangspunkt i sæsonen generelle trends i farver og design, tilbyder jeg i samarbejde med kunder at udvikle produktspecifikke farve- og design concepter. Her vises nogle generelle tendenser.

Som arbejdsredskab sammensætter jeg et moodboard medfarver, materialeprøver og relevante fotos.

Kontakt mig for et uforpligtende møde, så vi sammen finder den ideelle løsning.


Following the trend is important, but even more important is to devellop the trend to fit the product. Taking inspiration in the current trends in colours and designs I customize the trend to fit your product in cooperation with you and your staff. I create Mood Boards with colours and materials, adding designs if needed in colourways within the concept. Please contact me to arrange for a meeting to discuss the possibilities.






Easy and very personal way to customize your home. Frosted glass is often used to protect privacy and still letting in the daylight. Here I show som examples how it might be done. I can help you to get your own personal solution. Try to imagin how it would look in the hall, in the bathroom or in a room where the view is not too interesting or your privacy needs to be protected.




Samtidig med jobbet som industriel designer har jeg arbejdet direkte med tekstiler og farver. Et uudtømmeligt univers af mønstre og farver udfordrer og inspirerer mig til fortsat at arbejde videre med nye opgaver.

Whilst working as an industrial designer I have found challenges and inspiration working more directly with textiles and colours.The Art & Craft projects will be part of my future work along with industrial projects.