App:Surface Design

Surface Design is a rich and easy to use source of inspiration for all designers working with design for both fashion and interior design on textiles and other materials. 

The designs are mainly made for printing but adaptable to a wide range of technics.The App is a library with Design Catalogues issued as e-books, each of them with a theme interpreted by the author.

The fascination of repeating graphic elements in various patterns and the passion for colors is my motivation for editing this material.

Having downloaded the App:Surface Design, you get access to the library, some of the editions are free. 

Get started and share my rich world of shape and color.

The purpose is to give a fresh input to designers in all kinds of creative work. The digital access to creating visual expressions has dominated the surface design for some years and i feel convinced there is a need to reinvent old school repeating designs by using new graphic elements.

First of all the Design Catalogues should serve as inspiration, but as an extra option the designs are for sale on demand with full exclusivity on.

Here all the e-Books are listed.

Alternate versions of each pattern design are provided to serve as inspiration for creating your own.

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